French Dictionaries App Reviews

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Useless dictionary

The portuguese French dictionary is just NONSENSE with random, false definitions. Unbelievable. Plus there are bugs. Refund!

Good app, but some problems!

I am facing the following problems since I installed (I sent an email to app support a month ago but no reply till now!) 1) I downloaded stardict files and installed them. After couple of days it uninstall by itself and asks me to install again. 2) At the right side of the screen, there is an empty column taking about one fourth of the screen (in the portrait mode of the tablet) which has no function but occupying the screen. When I rotate the tablet to the portrait and then back to landscape it disappears. (The close button of the blue Quick lockup window disappears when this column appears. And it cant be dismissed unless the app is closed and reopened) For the app support team, please send us any feedback for these problems)

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